birthday rain

Yesterday I celebrated my 24th birthday with a little adventure in the rain. I had an eye on the forecast all week in anticipation for the weekend... but I lucked out with rain rain rain! We persevered and headed to Olympia anyway for parks and good food. We stomped around in the mud on the beach for a bit, no other people in sight. May have trashed a nice pair of boots, but I wouldn't take it back. :)

I'm not much for gifts anymore, I feel bad accepting them. But this year was humbling with some really thoughtful ideas. I received a record player that folds into a little suitcase so it's easy to store, but also hooks up to my speakers easily. Anthony also stocked my first three records including the Velvet Underground, The Doors, and of course some Fleetwood Mac :) I also finally got my hands on the Plum cookbook, written by the family of my favorite vegan restaurant! This book is beautiful and full of great ideas!

After a day in Olympia and spending the evening hanging out at a local brewery (Wingman!) and a jazz coffee shop (B Sharp) with good friends, I woke up to do responsible things this morning. Like taking my car to get the oil changed. Grocery shopping. Preparing my eBay sales to ship...

So far this year has been good to me. I've reconnected with close old friends, and have plenty of new friends to get to know better as well! Here's to another year!

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Sadie Rose said...

cheers! happy birthday to you. you should never feel bad about accepting gifts, you totally deserve them. love following you on insta! XO