and new sheets too

It has been a crazy couple of weeks. I know i always say that. Sometimes I miss being in school because of the built in long breaks, I think this is what I'm craving... But the real world calls!

Since my last post I spent a whole week in Nashville for a work conference... hits and misses. Didn't win the big award i had mentioned awhile back, but i was up against the biggest names in the industry so even being nominated is still an honor. I even saw Wynonna Judd in the airport... celebrity!(i'm not really a fan, but what's Nashville without seeing someone famous?)

Recently I spent time rearranging a living room wall for a few new lovely lady prints I collected over the holiday season. All from estate sales. I find my home decor preferences evolving recently. I used to go for big gold frames and colorful everything. Recently I'm more interested in subtle frames with just a hint of gold (of course!) and cream based color pallets. I'm looking for new couches, and thinking I'll head in a mid-century modern direction. I think it would blend into my bohemian and worldly collections well, and give the room a good base.

And on another home note... I'm starting to look for a new home! I don't neeeed to move, but over the past year at this address i've had a lot of issues. Terrible pluming (the rusty pipes coming down from my apartment melted the walls of the downstairs apartment... not my fault, but still), I have the creepiest neighbors ever (why are they ALL missing their teeth?), and an esthetically ugly building... my unit is a hidden gem - but my visitor always feel freaked out by the halls....

Hope to start posting more soon, my new years "resolution" is one word, create. This can be a lot of things... I like it because i'm not too boxed in. It can be photography, relationships, building anything! :)

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