Wednesday, December 25, 2013


There are three holiday gatherings with my family every year, a solstice gathering, Christmas eve with my expended family (30 people!), and a smaller open-house gathering at my parents house on Christmas day. Well, I'm tired!

I like celebrating the solstice the best because it's not about gifts. We shrive and pass candle light to greet the new year - this is my Swedish family :)

For gifts, i was fairly practical this year.... oh, and whimsical! I did a limited run of two fox skulls that i gold-leafed, curiosity pieces. They turned out stunning! I've never gold-leafed anything before, I think I'm hooked! I found a glue pen and did small sections at a time for the skulls. I wanted a rough finish, which was easily achieved due to inexperience and a unique textured surface. The skulls were also thoughtfully sourced from a group that uses every part of the animals.

My sister baked me a banana cream pie with toasted meringue on top and a cookie crust, somebody knows my favorite dessert pieces!

Happy Holidays! Or rather, Merry Festivus! (that's more my style.)

if theres one thing... from ohanaorsomething on 8tracks Radio.

On a side note, I just added lots to my Etsy shop, even some Gunne Sax dresses in the mix! get 10% off with the code PRETTYRADFIND through the end of january!


Sunday, December 1, 2013

snap shots

Bits and pieces...
I just found out I'm headed to Nashville this January to possibly pick up a national award for event design... kind of crazy. Well, just a couple more weeks of the "busy season." I hope to share more photos again soon! I'm getting there :)

I also just updated my shop! (finally!)