a season to start projects


it's been a month of new things to work on and develop. i've been distant from the temptations of social media, but feeling in good spirits. while these project are slow going as i am in no hurry really.... there's at least an exciting variety to explore. new people to get to know, new recipes to try, new artistic directions.

my skin has dropped all subtle pigments developed during the summer and i'm back to ghostly pale skin. perfect for darker clothing in the colder months. it's a bit of an obstacle with long hair as the season changes though... back to braids to keep frizz in check. my hair is fairly manageable - but never stays in place... i've accepted the free spirited pieces that always pop out. i feel like a viking princess during the winter :)


Milla said...

You're back! Curious about all these projects. Happy Fall xoxo

demetria said...

you're so lovely. i too have been feeling the draw towards darker clothing.