Beni Ourain

I splurged a few weeks ago and replaced my thrifted bedroom rug with an amazing *NEW* new Moroccan shag rug! It arrived this week and I couldn’t be happier! I’ve had my eye on this style of rug for a while… but you know… they’re expensive. I found this one on Gilt for a killer price though, so I went for it. (it even has little tassels on the ends!)

Yeah, this is a post about a rug, a NEW new rug! I feel a little like a trader to my thrifty self, every other furniture piece I own has been hunted and has many stories to tell. New pieces are also a little soulless aren’t they?... I walk through stores like Home Goods sometimes, and at first it seems like a candy store – where to start?! But I always leave empty handed because the quality for the price and the lack of uniqueness always gets to me.

Now back to this rug… I thought about it for a long time, researched it, soaked in a lot of the culture where they’re made. It has a story; it has a traditional Moroccan history. And for that I’m okay with being the first owner for once. You spend a lot of time at home, you should fill it with things you love!

a season to start projects


it's been a month of new things to work on and develop. i've been distant from the temptations of social media, but feeling in good spirits. while these project are slow going as i am in no hurry really.... there's at least an exciting variety to explore. new people to get to know, new recipes to try, new artistic directions.

my skin has dropped all subtle pigments developed during the summer and i'm back to ghostly pale skin. perfect for darker clothing in the colder months. it's a bit of an obstacle with long hair as the season changes though... back to braids to keep frizz in check. my hair is fairly manageable - but never stays in place... i've accepted the free spirited pieces that always pop out. i feel like a viking princess during the winter :)