my etsy shop is here!

Ahh! it's here!

after months of collecting, i finally created and launched my etsy vintage shop! my focus is on ethnic and mostly 60s and 70s pieces - items that fit my own style and esthetic. every piece has been lovingly washed (often by hand) and steamed back into shape. i also want to focus on fair pricing. any fan of etsy knows... well, it can be really expensive! i want to keep my prices reasonable, hope my buyers notice and appreciate this...

funny story of my very first sale last night: i listed this fun batik gypsy dress fairly low at $65, even after seeing the same piece on etsy for $150. the woman who bought it also had a shop... and sells these dressed for $200+! soooo fair to say she purchased the dress to resell for quite the profit... oh well... still don't think it was worth such an obscene price.

well, want to check the shop out? current items are only round one... i have a closet full for next week... i'm starting modest because i'm about to have a crazy production week at work... 17 hour days again! can't wait to list some killer 70s boots though! another funny shop struggle... i'm not the best model sometimes, maybe it's hard to tell through photos, but i'm small. only 5'2" - and maxi skirts and dress are sometimes a joke on my frame, but i'm trying to do my best! (with taller shoes...)

The Oh Ana Shop!
(pretty original name.. i know... ha)