it's happening again... i'm a bad blogger. i get really into it for a couple months... then it's dead again. recently i feel like i've been on the exact same page as milla, she communicates better though.

there is change is the air. and i hope it's fresh and clean! the past few months have been hard, so much stress even when i'm able to take my mind off it. i've still got a twitching eye that only makes me feel more crazy sometimes. but... it's time to roll with the new.

the hardest part is always building up motivation... i'm terrible at motivating myself. just start small... draw something (i'm working on my cursive writing too!), cook something new, rearrange, cleanse, and bam! - hopefully that will kick off everything! i'll share some new illustrations i've been working on soon.

these photos are from the last month of summer captured by my funny little 35mm camera. right before dane moved away to whidbey island, we visited an apple orchard, and then spent some time watching the resident osprey at chambers bay.

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demetria said...

I was struggling with this same lack of blogging motivation too. I think I've just settled on putting less pressure on it, making it more of a visual diary than anything else. The photos of you are lovely! Your hair is such a pretty color.