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Is it just me, or are other folks also ready for an autumn chill? This time of year I start looking at my boot collection and I miss them. I always forget that I wear boots 5-6 months of the year. My feet are frozen those months, and nothing is better than a pair of green cowboy boots (it’s amazing how many things they “go” with!). On the flip side, my feet are too hot for any boot during the summer. Lady problems.

Playing with prism filters again last night. I’m really itching for sweater weather… the dark of winter, the solstice. Guest that was my muse for these photos.

I went to Blake Island on a site tour for work this past week. I was snapping photos of the gangways to figure out the best way to bring cargo to the island, but my eyes wondered a bit to the scenery and beach scavengers. There are cheesy tourist activates on the island, but there are also tons of remote trails and divine camping that most tourist will not see. The island was once owned by a millionaire. His wife was fatally injured in a car accident on a trip to Seattle, and the he never stepped foot on the island again. Now it’s owned by the state. The folks who work in the lodge say it’s haunted. Also, Chef Seattle is said to have been born on this island. ;)

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