my wild love

guess i was in a mood tonight, just finished this playlist idea. my left eye has been twitching for several weeks and most signs (and several new symptoms) point to stress and possibly malnutrition - which i'm going to blame on stress again. booo...

psychedelic rock, freak folk, lo-fi, neo-rockabilly, garage underground

the doors - my wild love
growlers - people don't change
holly golightly & the brokeoffs - devil do
adam green - baby's gonna die tonight
the pack a.d. - bang
the white stripes - jolene
t.rex - life is strage
the seeds - can't seem to make you mine
hope sandoval & the warm inventions - trouble
caribou - subotnick
rodriguez - rich folks hoax
slim harpo - strange love
nancy sinatra - bang bang
the doors - end of the night

my wild love from ohanaorsomething on 8tracks Radio.

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