down to the river

we decided to go to our favorite Snoqualmie River spot this weekend for a little swim, it's been so long since last time! if you've watched this blog for a while, you may have seen this "secret spot" before - like here back in 2009. i found out about this place from a friend of a friend who made us promise not to share it's location so it stayed remote.... well, we've brought along a lot of friends over the years, and now their friends know too... guess that's how these things go!

it was a pretty overcast morning with warm air and the sun popping through. there was a big rain storm the night before with thunder and lightening - which was good because it seems to have kept a lot of people home in the morning! it was just us down there.

we played in the water, threw rocks, poked bugs, ate a yummy vegan lunch from PCC, hung out with osprey, and twirled around with another parasol all morning/early afternoon. maybe this is old news, but as usual, i can't help bringing along parasols everywhere! i borrowed this one from work, but also have a stash my my car ready! we were lazy and didn't use sunscreen, dane discovered he was burned later... but i wasn't! it was thanks to the parasol ;)

this was also the maiden voyage of my new suit... i'm not much of a swimsuit person, it took a while to find one i was comfortable to go out in. i'm only 5'2" and my legs always look stubby to me... buuuuut i suppose it's best to work with what you've got rather than pick apart your body when you're ripe in your 20s! so, ta-da!

found these sweet rocks too!...haha

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demetria said...

look at how cute you are! i love the one piece with the umbrella.