catalyst & sean

another day - another wedding!

this is the wedding i shot a week ago, finally finished editing! i met with catalyst and sean this afternoon to hand over all 170 photos, phew!

their wedding was firefly themed (the show) - so the bridal party had a space/cowboy motif to their outfits. i edited the photos to have a little grunge to fit in as well. it certainly helps a long day go by when you have a goofy and charming couple like this. catalyst (yep, that's her real name) is one of my sisters childhood friends, so the wedding was a bit of a reunion with lots of old friends!

another tiny sampling of weddingness! i brought along another vintage parasol to throw in the mix (of course!!) and my friend/web design client (who catalyst also works for) did the flowers. :)

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Milla said...

A firefly themed wedding?! A part of me just died with joy. The nerd part, obvi. Great shots girl.