at home

a bit quiet on the blog lately... i've been super busy with work and life...

this weekend i'm photographing another friends wedding too! (i know... you do one, then everyone starts asking!) it's Firefly themed... should be fun to photoshop!

today i leave you with a few shots from around my home. i've got a big 800 square foot space with 10 foot ceilings all to myself to embellish with all the gilded frames i can find! i am and antique and estate sale junkie, and my home radiates things i love; color, texture, history, and charm. I live with impractical pieces like a Japanese black lacquer table set that water does not mix with, and a collection leaf and fruit shaped dishware (an excuse for vintage embroidered coasters!).... But my esthetic is dreamy and cozy, i think i sit on the floor with velvet pillows more often than on my furniture. My dad is a fine wood worker and always steals away my bigger finds to refinish, he is amazing!

extreme event decorating is part of my day job... so it's fitting that my apartment has elaborate decor. but i will say i hate decorating for hoildays (like christmas, yuck...), so you will never find anything more than a sting of lights in celebration, ha.

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Milla said...

Oh my gosh. You place looks so refined. I could never do that, but I so admire it.