batik dress

I found this sweet little African batik wrap dress last weekend at an estate sale! I love wrap clothing, may you never suffer a "fat day" again because these pieces always fit just right! I think i'll keep it for a little while, but i must admit that i bought it and another for the etsy shop i'm working on... it's probably a bad practice to keep my inventory for myself...

so wait, what? an etsy shop?... yeah! i'm starting one! i mentioned it a few weeks ago when i posted about my ebay pop-up shop for newer pieces, but the etsy shop will be way more fun! the pieces i'm collecting are worldly vintage, that, like i said, are hard to keep my hands off of. :) this shop will also have a partnership with a very talented friend of mine who makes sunning jewelry with found bones! (like my fox vertebrae necklace, you could have one too!) Seriously, every time i see bones in the woods, i've been collecting them for her... mmm deer toes.

at this point we have plenty of inventory to start with... we just have to pick a name, and do EVERYTHING else... photos, measuring, writing... yeah, that's why it's taking so long with a day job... one day i'll post with a very special shop opening announcement...

this and that

Is it just me, or are other folks also ready for an autumn chill? This time of year I start looking at my boot collection and I miss them. I always forget that I wear boots 5-6 months of the year. My feet are frozen those months, and nothing is better than a pair of green cowboy boots (it’s amazing how many things they “go” with!). On the flip side, my feet are too hot for any boot during the summer. Lady problems.

Playing with prism filters again last night. I’m really itching for sweater weather… the dark of winter, the solstice. Guest that was my muse for these photos.

I went to Blake Island on a site tour for work this past week. I was snapping photos of the gangways to figure out the best way to bring cargo to the island, but my eyes wondered a bit to the scenery and beach scavengers. There are cheesy tourist activates on the island, but there are also tons of remote trails and divine camping that most tourist will not see. The island was once owned by a millionaire. His wife was fatally injured in a car accident on a trip to Seattle, and the he never stepped foot on the island again. Now it’s owned by the state. The folks who work in the lodge say it’s haunted. Also, Chef Seattle is said to have been born on this island. ;)

catalyst & sean

another day - another wedding!

this is the wedding i shot a week ago, finally finished editing! i met with catalyst and sean this afternoon to hand over all 170 photos, phew!

their wedding was firefly themed (the show) - so the bridal party had a space/cowboy motif to their outfits. i edited the photos to have a little grunge to fit in as well. it certainly helps a long day go by when you have a goofy and charming couple like this. catalyst (yep, that's her real name) is one of my sisters childhood friends, so the wedding was a bit of a reunion with lots of old friends!

another tiny sampling of weddingness! i brought along another vintage parasol to throw in the mix (of course!!) and my friend/web design client (who catalyst also works for) did the flowers. :)

my wild love

guess i was in a mood tonight, just finished this playlist idea. my left eye has been twitching for several weeks and most signs (and several new symptoms) point to stress and possibly malnutrition - which i'm going to blame on stress again. booo...

psychedelic rock, freak folk, lo-fi, neo-rockabilly, garage underground

the doors - my wild love
growlers - people don't change
holly golightly & the brokeoffs - devil do
adam green - baby's gonna die tonight
the pack a.d. - bang
the white stripes - jolene
t.rex - life is strage
the seeds - can't seem to make you mine
hope sandoval & the warm inventions - trouble
caribou - subotnick
rodriguez - rich folks hoax
slim harpo - strange love
nancy sinatra - bang bang
the doors - end of the night

my wild love from ohanaorsomething on 8tracks Radio.


blackberry season!

dane showed me his favorite park trails these days around Lake Sammamsih in issaquah. we took a walk as the sun started to set and stuffed our faces with blackberries. then went out for thai food.

down to the river

we decided to go to our favorite Snoqualmie River spot this weekend for a little swim, it's been so long since last time! if you've watched this blog for a while, you may have seen this "secret spot" before - like here back in 2009. i found out about this place from a friend of a friend who made us promise not to share it's location so it stayed remote.... well, we've brought along a lot of friends over the years, and now their friends know too... guess that's how these things go!

it was a pretty overcast morning with warm air and the sun popping through. there was a big rain storm the night before with thunder and lightening - which was good because it seems to have kept a lot of people home in the morning! it was just us down there.

we played in the water, threw rocks, poked bugs, ate a yummy vegan lunch from PCC, hung out with osprey, and twirled around with another parasol all morning/early afternoon. maybe this is old news, but as usual, i can't help bringing along parasols everywhere! i borrowed this one from work, but also have a stash my my car ready! we were lazy and didn't use sunscreen, dane discovered he was burned later... but i wasn't! it was thanks to the parasol ;)

this was also the maiden voyage of my new suit... i'm not much of a swimsuit person, it took a while to find one i was comfortable to go out in. i'm only 5'2" and my legs always look stubby to me... buuuuut i suppose it's best to work with what you've got rather than pick apart your body when you're ripe in your 20s! so, ta-da!

found these sweet rocks too!...haha

at home

a bit quiet on the blog lately... i've been super busy with work and life...

this weekend i'm photographing another friends wedding too! (i know... you do one, then everyone starts asking!) it's Firefly themed... should be fun to photoshop!

today i leave you with a few shots from around my home. i've got a big 800 square foot space with 10 foot ceilings all to myself to embellish with all the gilded frames i can find! i am and antique and estate sale junkie, and my home radiates things i love; color, texture, history, and charm. I live with impractical pieces like a Japanese black lacquer table set that water does not mix with, and a collection leaf and fruit shaped dishware (an excuse for vintage embroidered coasters!).... But my esthetic is dreamy and cozy, i think i sit on the floor with velvet pillows more often than on my furniture. My dad is a fine wood worker and always steals away my bigger finds to refinish, he is amazing!

extreme event decorating is part of my day job... so it's fitting that my apartment has elaborate decor. but i will say i hate decorating for hoildays (like christmas, yuck...), so you will never find anything more than a sting of lights in celebration, ha.