Today I thought I'd share some of my favorite natural / vegan / cruelty free beauty products. While I'm certainly not the most high-maintenance girl around, I do like to be well put-together and ready for client meetings at any moment...
Yeah... got to be corporate acceptable / designer chic sometimes...
But hey, these are some rad things I've found and like lots!

1. Lulu Organics Hair Powder
"An all organic, TALC-FREE hair powder for hair on days of unwash." Man, the packaging is what first got me! It's so beautiful! But also, the product is great for bangs on second day hair. Get rid of the greasy strands around your face, and prolong taking a shower for another day or two! ;) It's a little expensive at $30, BUT - it lasts forever!

2. Moksa Abbey Road Organic Bar Soap
This company does good. Organic, species-conscious, they support just and fair wages, women’s cooperatives, environmental advocacy groups, non-profit environmental organizations, AND they're carbon neutral! Now to the soap, this particular scent is so wonderful. I love the clove, it's warm and calming - and works great for cleaning yourself up too!

3. Pacifica Spanish Amber Solid Perfume
This brand has no parabens, animal testing, animal ingredients or artificial colors. They're 100% VEGAN and Gluten-free. I have two favorite perfumes (mind you I have bad allergies too, so my picks are real winners and have passed the no-sneeze test!) - this is my "fresh" choice. I love the scent of amber, and this solid perfume makes me melt! The tin size is great for purses, and it's cheap!

4. For Strange Women - Bollywood
100% natural perfumes and other concoctions infused with pure botanical essences by a true artisan! This is my other favorite perfume (again, it has passed the no sneeze and no rash test with my allergies!). It's not sweet, but a full-bodied spicy mix. Very unique and dark. Find her shop on etsy too - samples are a good way to try!

5. Pacifica's Enlighten Mineral Eyeshadow Palette
Back to Pacifica, 100% vegan and cruelty-free. I've never loved an eyeshadow pallet more. These are beautiful complementing colors and a smooth finish. I like subtle makeup and this pallet is great! And the Packaging... guh - I'm a design snob, and I love their esthetic, it was had to throw away the box, too cute!

Ta-da! Some wholesome beauty!

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