calm water hot air

Despite my mermaid aspirations, I am not a strong swimmer, though my sea-legs are sturdy. I grew up on a 28 foot 1968 Owens. A labor of love, this wooden boat doesn't go fast, but she goes strong. My parents are only the second owners in its life, and they have restored it beautifully maintaining a classic esthetic.

They keep it in a boathouse near the Narrows Bridge, and tend to stay south in the lower Puget Sound. One of the best places for boating, so many islands and coves to explore.

This weekend, we joined my family for an overnight excursion to Jarrell Cove on Harstine Island. The water was calm and beautiful, but the air was unbearably hot! We were happy to be on a moving boat!... With lots of tequila and ice!

The comic relief of the weekend would be my parent’s water loving rescue dog that looks like a gremlin. Her breed is a complete mystery, and she is even weirder looking in person. Mohawk, 3 inch long ear tassels… she looks like a mini deerhound, they think.


Anonymous said...

I looooove your sunglasses? Where did you guy them? You should do Outfit posts, I adore your style.

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Alicia said...

Every picture makes me want to hop on the boat today! Though our water isn't nearly so blue :)