as a wedding photographer...

this past weekend i helped photograph my best friend's sister's wedding. my first wedding shoot!

they picked the sweetest little garden venue and had lots of DIY decorations. the bridesmaids all had colorful floral '50s dresses with big petticoats, and the flowers all came from a farm next door (complete with little snails!).

weddings are exhausting to photograph... and a little stressful because you don't want to miss any moments! but it was nice to do it as a pair with my friend chris - who was THE photographer with a rented lens worth approximately $8217468723648423 ;) I haven't seen chris's photos yet, but i'm pretty excited! i design a lot of big budget Indian weddings for work, so this wedding was particularly refreshing for me! no fire drills on my end! i got to observe and enjoy all the love of the day, and document it for Ingrid and Nick!

because this was an early evening wedding, one of my favorite parts was the sun! i love lens flares and it was fun to play with my angles to get perfectly hazy shots. i also ended up using one of the cheapest lenses (and best!) you can get! F1.8 - seriously awesome to shoot with! i've talked about this lens in the past, i still loooove it!

here is a very small sampling of my favorite shots of the day. congrats Ingrid and Nick!


Nichole said...

your FIRST wedding shoot?! that's natural talent! lovely!

Unknown said...

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