Monday, June 24, 2013


Dane’s boss just bought a house on Whidbey island, and is moving his animation operation there at the end of the summer. It’s all pretty sudden, but Dane has decided to look for new digs on the island as well. First, yeah, Dane does hand-drawn animation for a living, pretty rad right?! Second… it’s a big move…

Islands around Washington attract a lot of artists, the type of people who are self-sufficient, or dare I say make the big bucks in the film and music industries. Now that Dane’s boss is as well known as he is, they have a lot of big projects coming through their doors, and it’s totally possible to work remotely. So they’re getting out of the city! It’s a dream really!

I want to live on an island so badly… but, you sort of need a plan, like, a job… Dane is one lucky guy to have the opportunity to move somewhere so beautiful (Langley!) and still have a creative and unique profession. I do some freelance graphic design, but my big day job, while wildly creative and fun, would not work out if I wasn’t there every day…

We scoped out the island this weekend… looking for housing leads - but it’s pretty obvious that the best places will not be in the newspaper or on the internet, it’s all through community and word of mouth.

We went on a whim, and opted to camp on Saturday night… turns out all camp sites on the island are reservation only and were completely packed… but we found a county park in the woods that was quiet and practically empty.

We walked Fort Casey, and watch the sunset (and super moon!) at Fort Ebey. Parks, food, hiking, camping, driving, pipes, sunsets, super moons, ferries, Deception Pass… oh my!


Sadie Rose said...

wow, how exciting. you go, girl. you can create the dream job.

Simona Ion said...


Milla said...

Whidbey, wow. I haven't visited Langley in years, but I hear it's still pretty awesome and artistic and fun.
A lot of my friends go to Whidbey for the birth center and apparently there's all kinds of magic there. And some epic lil coffee shoppe in the woods. I wish I had more info on that ;)
I hope you find a awesome spot. Oh and dont' go near Oak Harbor ever. The worst place. Hands down.