Wednesday, June 19, 2013

we get around

maybe you've noticed by now that nearly every blog post i do documents a different city... i get around. i'm stir-crazy by the weekend and am always up for an adventure. new places, old favorite spots, the pacific northwest is a divine playground.

dane just developed another roll of 35mm mini diana film, so here it is to share. dane took all of the photos this time, so he deserves all the credit here. He's also responsible for teaching me how to use my SLR over the years, priceless hands-on lessons - though the photoshop skills are all my own. ;)

these photos are from all over the place...

discovery park, seattle

nisqually wildlife refuge, this day

olympia... forget this parks name...

on my family's old wooden boat, and exploring abandoned houses on shore


Arcadian Mermaid said...

Lovely photos again! Is that McLane Creek?

Dane said...

Yes, McLane Creek! Good eye.