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I’m probably one of the messiest & nonchalant cooks you’ll ever meet. I chop veggies crudely, add ingredients out of order, and my tongue is always burnt… but at least a do cook, a lot at that!

My favorite recipes are ones that free-for-all ingredients from my pantry totally work with. Like red lentils. Leftover peppers halves, onions, finishing-up a can of tomatoes, garlic, and shallots, a can of coconut milk; it’s all fair game. And if you’re missing anything, eh, it will still be good.

Also, any reason to wear an apron is a good one! I definitely have a collection built up, but this is one of my favorites! I found it years ago antiquing in Olympia. I added the dala horse as my very first screen-printing project (soooo lucky I didn’t ruin it while I was doing it too!). My dad is Swedish and my mom is Finish, so I’ve always had a soft spot for Scandinavian folk art. I have a pile of cloth napkins with this print as well… maybe I should dig one out for a new and decorative dishtowel….

This recipe is based on this one if you’re curious….

(i have an obnoxiously large collection of vintage leaf and fruit shaped bowls & plates…
they keep me from over using the microwave because non of them are microwave-safe)
Hey it's rhubarb season too!


Sadie Rose said...

YUM! i love red lentils. and i love your apron.

Milla said...

I feel like the universe is telling me to cook with red lentils. Thanks for the continued inspiration and yes, Dala horse apron party time!

Anonymous said...

Is your Dad actually from Sweden or does he have Swedish ancestors? just curious. Cute apron!