Monday, June 17, 2013


For fathers day I helped my dad spruce up his gardens a bit. My parents live in a sweet old house that was once featured in a 1929 issue of Better Homes & Gardens. It has a matching guest cottage in the backyard, an original wisteria covered barbeque patio, and a whole lot of space for things to grow! Their gardens always go crazy in the summer because they spend most of their free time out on the Puget Sound (who could blame them, boats are awesome).

This was a good chance to hang out with my parent's pets... and my dad! Turns out I'm pretty good at at trimming trees. But terrible at pressure washing... i accidentally went over my foot... and yes those things do take off skin, gross photo shown below. ;)

After freeing the BBQ pit from leaves and spiders, we enjoyed our hard work and cooked a feast, drank red wine, and watched True Blood... a nice way to end the day. Believe it or not, I do not have internet or cable at my apartment, it's refreshing, but also nice to experience at others houses sometimes...

this cat really loves the camera... charlie baby
and this is what a pressure washer can do to skin... ow ow


Simona Ion said...

the last bruise look paint full!

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