listening to animal tracks

I made a new playlist today, folk music for the weary...

8tracks has a good smart phone app now too...

animal tracks from ohanaorsomething on 8tracks Radio.

Made this mermaid playlist the other day too...

behind the seas from ohanaorsomething on 8tracks Radio.


Dane’s boss just bought a house on Whidbey island, and is moving his animation operation there at the end of the summer. It’s all pretty sudden, but Dane has decided to look for new digs on the island as well. First, yeah, Dane does hand-drawn animation for a living, pretty rad right?! Second… it’s a big move…

Islands around Washington attract a lot of artists, the type of people who are self-sufficient, or dare I say make the big bucks in the film and music industries. Now that Dane’s boss is as well known as he is, they have a lot of big projects coming through their doors, and it’s totally possible to work remotely. So they’re getting out of the city! It’s a dream really!

I want to live on an island so badly… but, you sort of need a plan, like, a job… Dane is one lucky guy to have the opportunity to move somewhere so beautiful (Langley!) and still have a creative and unique profession. I do some freelance graphic design, but my big day job, while wildly creative and fun, would not work out if I wasn’t there every day…

We scoped out the island this weekend… looking for housing leads - but it’s pretty obvious that the best places will not be in the newspaper or on the internet, it’s all through community and word of mouth.

We went on a whim, and opted to camp on Saturday night… turns out all camp sites on the island are reservation only and were completely packed… but we found a county park in the woods that was quiet and practically empty.

We walked Fort Casey, and watch the sunset (and super moon!) at Fort Ebey. Parks, food, hiking, camping, driving, pipes, sunsets, super moons, ferries, Deception Pass… oh my!

we get around

maybe you've noticed by now that nearly every blog post i do documents a different city... i get around. i'm stir-crazy by the weekend and am always up for an adventure. new places, old favorite spots, the pacific northwest is a divine playground.

dane just developed another roll of 35mm mini diana film, so here it is to share. dane took all of the photos this time, so he deserves all the credit here. He's also responsible for teaching me how to use my SLR over the years, priceless hands-on lessons - though the photoshop skills are all my own. ;)

these photos are from all over the place...

discovery park, seattle

nisqually wildlife refuge, this day

olympia... forget this parks name...

on my family's old wooden boat, and exploring abandoned houses on shore


For fathers day I helped my dad spruce up his gardens a bit. My parents live in a sweet old house that was once featured in a 1929 issue of Better Homes & Gardens. It has a matching guest cottage in the backyard, an original wisteria covered barbeque patio, and a whole lot of space for things to grow! Their gardens always go crazy in the summer because they spend most of their free time out on the Puget Sound (who could blame them, boats are awesome).

This was a good chance to hang out with my parent's pets... and my dad! Turns out I'm pretty good at at trimming trees. But terrible at pressure washing... i accidentally went over my foot... and yes those things do take off skin, gross photo shown below. ;)

After freeing the BBQ pit from leaves and spiders, we enjoyed our hard work and cooked a feast, drank red wine, and watched True Blood... a nice way to end the day. Believe it or not, I do not have internet or cable at my apartment, it's refreshing, but also nice to experience at others houses sometimes...

this cat really loves the camera... charlie baby
and this is what a pressure washer can do to skin... ow ow

darlings of burfoot

Selena and I have known each-other for most of our lives, but we became close in high school at the tender age of 15. We moved away from home together at 18, went to art college together, and survived the big city together.

As time goes by and acquaintances come and go, sometimes you find yourself with only a handful of people you still adore. Selena is one of those people. I don't think I'll ever meet another person quite like her. :)

We paid a visit to Olympia this weekend. Amazing brunch at QB, pretty walks on the beach (Burfoot Park), made cute new dog friends (we thought about dog-napping him he was so sweet!), and White Russians with coconut milk at the best bar ever.

just cooking stuff

I’m probably one of the messiest & nonchalant cooks you’ll ever meet. I chop veggies crudely, add ingredients out of order, and my tongue is always burnt… but at least a do cook, a lot at that!

My favorite recipes are ones that free-for-all ingredients from my pantry totally work with. Like red lentils. Leftover peppers halves, onions, finishing-up a can of tomatoes, garlic, and shallots, a can of coconut milk; it’s all fair game. And if you’re missing anything, eh, it will still be good.

Also, any reason to wear an apron is a good one! I definitely have a collection built up, but this is one of my favorites! I found it years ago antiquing in Olympia. I added the dala horse as my very first screen-printing project (soooo lucky I didn’t ruin it while I was doing it too!). My dad is Swedish and my mom is Finish, so I’ve always had a soft spot for Scandinavian folk art. I have a pile of cloth napkins with this print as well… maybe I should dig one out for a new and decorative dishtowel….

This recipe is based on this one if you’re curious….

(i have an obnoxiously large collection of vintage leaf and fruit shaped bowls & plates…
they keep me from over using the microwave because non of them are microwave-safe)
Hey it's rhubarb season too!