Living in a tent... again

I’m not really sure why you wouldn’t build a fort in your living room…

For Memorial Day weekend a friend was really pushing to go camping. It really wasn’t very nice outside, we only had one evening left to plan, AND it would be one of the most crowded camping weekends of the year! So I said no way! If I go camping, I don’t want to see other people, solely sleeping on the ground outside doesn’t sound like a getaway to me, I need remoteness & privacy.

I suggested we set up my backpacking tent in my living room, cook potatoes and veggie hotdogs, and roast fancy vegan marshmallows over my gas stove. Deal!

Because we’re both overly creative and I found a stack of old tapestries from college…. we built an epic ceiling supported fort from scratch instead! I even had gold tassels and a massive throw pillow collection lying around to further embellish our decor… If you knew about my day-job you wouldn’t be surprised… Maybe I’ll write about my work sometime too.

Well, it’s now been a week and I haven’t had the heart to take my living room tent down… it’s too fun. I felt a little weird and less like a “grownup” at first, because who builds a fort in the middle of their house? But you know what? I live alone, and I think it’s rad. I can still vacuum and it’s honestly a very tidy structure, so by all means – LONG LIVE THE GYPSY TENT! For now… (also I’m too short to take it down alone…)

Possums, Waterfalls & Graveyards

This past weekend we journeyed north to Bellingham to support my dear friend who was saying goodbye to her pet possum….

Guess that deserves the full story.

Kylie was gifted the “domesticated” possum while visiting her then boyfriend’s family out in the sticks six months ago. They met a local at a bar with a sweet and tame possum hanging out on his shoulder. He said he had more possums in his truck that he was willing to sell (illegal btw), and her bf’s friend jumped in and purchased one for Kylie on a whim. The man said he found the mama as road kill with alive babies a while back, so he saved them and started domesticating them (& breeding more it sounds…).

Long story short, Kylie ended up with a pet possum, Penny. She gave her a loving home, and did her best with this interesting animal, but alas, possums are hard to keep in the city. She did the research, and called an animal rescue that agreed to take her in as an education animal for the rest of her days. Possums can be cute, but are not pets! No doubt Penny was saved when taken away from the man she originally came from. She was in poor health with rashy skin when Kylie first got her. This story is a whole can of worms with this man’s domesticating hobby… I think it’s truly best to let wild animals stay wild, not have them live in the back of your truck... It's sad to think about Penny's family.

But off we went to Bellingham, which was a little tricky with a recent bridge collapse on I-5… But we made it, said goodbye to little Penny, and then explored local breweries, waterfalls, and graveyards.

Guess we all got the green coat memo?... :)

i'm on ebay?

i did it! i decided a while ago to try my hand at selling items from my over stuffed closet on ebay... so here's round one! pretty things that i either thrifted myself, or spent some bucks on, but either way they need good new homes.

please feel free to check it out... like i said, photographing, measuring, and writing took way longer than i thought! an etsy shop to come later!

find it all here!

distracting sunshine

sometimes when the sun peeks through my windows in the late afternoon i can't help but to be completely sidetracked from other projects. i've been working on ebay listings, photographing, measuring, writing.... i'm almost ready! i also have a pile of vintage that i think is more etsy bound... though these pieces are harder to part with, even if they don't fit me. who knew these kind of projects took so long! but i'm always happy to make room in my closet for new-to-me treasures.


mother's day has come and gone, but i thought i'd share this photo one more time (aside from instagram).

my tiny mom in the 70's with amazing legs and a tan my sister and i will never possess. but take what you've got, fair skin and all. she was two years older than me in this picture, there's still time for those legs. ;)