Monday, April 22, 2013

new home

i started looking for a new apartment in january, but quickly realized how expensive living on your own is... i felt discouraged for a couple months, and my search started to get spotty as i gave up for a little bit. but when crunch time came along of seriously having to move from my old place, the perfect new spot popped up! the amount of room for the money was a crazy deal, and it still has the vintage charm i crave.

now i call this sweet 800 square foot corner apartment with SEVEN windows and dark stained floors my home. sure the outside of the building has "extra character"...and may even look a little scary to the everyday dog walker... but it's in a safe neighborhood and this little gem inside speaks for itself.

here is and month and a half worth of decorating (my favorite thing!) with primarily estate sale finds...


Alisha F said...

Hi! I just found your blog through etsy and I love it! I can't believe nobody has left any comments for you.

I've gone through a ton of your posts and your photographs are super beautiful. Also, great job decorating your apartment; I wish mine was as charming!

Milla said...

Hey Ana, through some excellent sleuthing work, I have discovered that your BF won you a pair of my earrings in a giveaway I hosted for my blog's 5th anniversary!

Alisha-I know right? I want everyone to find this blog, Ana's photos are so magical.