There are three holiday gatherings with my family every year, a solstice gathering, Christmas eve with my expended family (30 people!), and a smaller open-house gathering at my parents house on Christmas day. Well, I'm tired!

I like celebrating the solstice the best because it's not about gifts. We shrive and pass candle light to greet the new year - this is my Swedish family :)

For gifts, i was fairly practical this year.... oh, and whimsical! I did a limited run of two fox skulls that i gold-leafed, curiosity pieces. They turned out stunning! I've never gold-leafed anything before, I think I'm hooked! I found a glue pen and did small sections at a time for the skulls. I wanted a rough finish, which was easily achieved due to inexperience and a unique textured surface. The skulls were also thoughtfully sourced from a group that uses every part of the animals.

My sister baked me a banana cream pie with toasted meringue on top and a cookie crust, somebody knows my favorite dessert pieces!

Happy Holidays! Or rather, Merry Festivus! (that's more my style.)

if theres one thing... from ohanaorsomething on 8tracks Radio.

On a side note, I just added lots to my Etsy shop, even some Gunne Sax dresses in the mix! get 10% off with the code PRETTYRADFIND through the end of january!


snap shots

Bits and pieces...
I just found out I'm headed to Nashville this January to possibly pick up a national award for event design... kind of crazy. Well, just a couple more weeks of the "busy season." I hope to share more photos again soon! I'm getting there :)

I also just updated my shop! (finally!)


Beni Ourain

I splurged a few weeks ago and replaced my thrifted bedroom rug with an amazing *NEW* new Moroccan shag rug! It arrived this week and I couldn’t be happier! I’ve had my eye on this style of rug for a while… but you know… they’re expensive. I found this one on Gilt for a killer price though, so I went for it. (it even has little tassels on the ends!)

Yeah, this is a post about a rug, a NEW new rug! I feel a little like a trader to my thrifty self, every other furniture piece I own has been hunted and has many stories to tell. New pieces are also a little soulless aren’t they?... I walk through stores like Home Goods sometimes, and at first it seems like a candy store – where to start?! But I always leave empty handed because the quality for the price and the lack of uniqueness always gets to me.

Now back to this rug… I thought about it for a long time, researched it, soaked in a lot of the culture where they’re made. It has a story; it has a traditional Moroccan history. And for that I’m okay with being the first owner for once. You spend a lot of time at home, you should fill it with things you love!

a season to start projects


it's been a month of new things to work on and develop. i've been distant from the temptations of social media, but feeling in good spirits. while these project are slow going as i am in no hurry really.... there's at least an exciting variety to explore. new people to get to know, new recipes to try, new artistic directions.

my skin has dropped all subtle pigments developed during the summer and i'm back to ghostly pale skin. perfect for darker clothing in the colder months. it's a bit of an obstacle with long hair as the season changes though... back to braids to keep frizz in check. my hair is fairly manageable - but never stays in place... i've accepted the free spirited pieces that always pop out. i feel like a viking princess during the winter :)

my etsy shop is here!

Ahh! it's here!

after months of collecting, i finally created and launched my etsy vintage shop! my focus is on ethnic and mostly 60s and 70s pieces - items that fit my own style and esthetic. every piece has been lovingly washed (often by hand) and steamed back into shape. i also want to focus on fair pricing. any fan of etsy knows... well, it can be really expensive! i want to keep my prices reasonable, hope my buyers notice and appreciate this...

funny story of my very first sale last night: i listed this fun batik gypsy dress fairly low at $65, even after seeing the same piece on etsy for $150. the woman who bought it also had a shop... and sells these dressed for $200+! soooo fair to say she purchased the dress to resell for quite the profit... oh well... still don't think it was worth such an obscene price.

well, want to check the shop out? current items are only round one... i have a closet full for next week... i'm starting modest because i'm about to have a crazy production week at work... 17 hour days again! can't wait to list some killer 70s boots though! another funny shop struggle... i'm not the best model sometimes, maybe it's hard to tell through photos, but i'm small. only 5'2" - and maxi skirts and dress are sometimes a joke on my frame, but i'm trying to do my best! (with taller shoes...)

The Oh Ana Shop!
(pretty original name.. i know... ha)

moody markers

i've been trying to draw more again, part of my "make something everyday!" goal. some moody marker action...

this was a different scanner from what i normally use... i don't really like how harsh the illustrations look - i'll rescan later i guess

last batch of drawings here

in the morning light

having a corner apartment with 7 windows is really nice sometimes. i woke up this morning and the whole place had a beautiful hazy glow from the sun rise, so i snapped a few shots as a crawled out of bed. messy bedhead and all, it was a pretty morning.


it's happening again... i'm a bad blogger. i get really into it for a couple months... then it's dead again. recently i feel like i've been on the exact same page as milla, she communicates better though.

there is change is the air. and i hope it's fresh and clean! the past few months have been hard, so much stress even when i'm able to take my mind off it. i've still got a twitching eye that only makes me feel more crazy sometimes. but... it's time to roll with the new.

the hardest part is always building up motivation... i'm terrible at motivating myself. just start small... draw something (i'm working on my cursive writing too!), cook something new, rearrange, cleanse, and bam! - hopefully that will kick off everything! i'll share some new illustrations i've been working on soon.

these photos are from the last month of summer captured by my funny little 35mm camera. right before dane moved away to whidbey island, we visited an apple orchard, and then spent some time watching the resident osprey at chambers bay.

batik dress

I found this sweet little African batik wrap dress last weekend at an estate sale! I love wrap clothing, may you never suffer a "fat day" again because these pieces always fit just right! I think i'll keep it for a little while, but i must admit that i bought it and another for the etsy shop i'm working on... it's probably a bad practice to keep my inventory for myself...

so wait, what? an etsy shop?... yeah! i'm starting one! i mentioned it a few weeks ago when i posted about my ebay pop-up shop for newer pieces, but the etsy shop will be way more fun! the pieces i'm collecting are worldly vintage, that, like i said, are hard to keep my hands off of. :) this shop will also have a partnership with a very talented friend of mine who makes sunning jewelry with found bones! (like my fox vertebrae necklace, you could have one too!) Seriously, every time i see bones in the woods, i've been collecting them for her... mmm deer toes.

at this point we have plenty of inventory to start with... we just have to pick a name, and do EVERYTHING else... photos, measuring, writing... yeah, that's why it's taking so long with a day job... one day i'll post with a very special shop opening announcement...

this and that

Is it just me, or are other folks also ready for an autumn chill? This time of year I start looking at my boot collection and I miss them. I always forget that I wear boots 5-6 months of the year. My feet are frozen those months, and nothing is better than a pair of green cowboy boots (it’s amazing how many things they “go” with!). On the flip side, my feet are too hot for any boot during the summer. Lady problems.

Playing with prism filters again last night. I’m really itching for sweater weather… the dark of winter, the solstice. Guest that was my muse for these photos.

I went to Blake Island on a site tour for work this past week. I was snapping photos of the gangways to figure out the best way to bring cargo to the island, but my eyes wondered a bit to the scenery and beach scavengers. There are cheesy tourist activates on the island, but there are also tons of remote trails and divine camping that most tourist will not see. The island was once owned by a millionaire. His wife was fatally injured in a car accident on a trip to Seattle, and the he never stepped foot on the island again. Now it’s owned by the state. The folks who work in the lodge say it’s haunted. Also, Chef Seattle is said to have been born on this island. ;)