it's no secret that i'm kind of obsessed with mermaids. ever since i was little they have been my favorite creature to dream of. even today in my adult existence, mermaids are one of my style influences (the hair... ha). so when i came across this sweet little '50s dress on etsy, i knew we were meant to be!

Vagabond Dreams

I'm so excited to share this shoot I just did for work! I art directed, photographed, and edited the whole thing. The first shot is our company ad and will be in wedding and event magazines soon, pretty exciting! Photo skillz...

The story~

Vagabond Dreams is a 1930's vintage inspired destination honeymoon retreat. A mystery location our bride has been taken to, perhaps in Australia. With a bouquet of succulents still in hand, and a leaf crown on her head - she seems to have just finished with a wedding & is now awaiting her groom's arrival. The campsite is lush, and full of all the amenities you could dream of to escape the sweltering sun, trunks of linens, curiosities, and of course tea. Fine Persian rugs line the ground inside and out of the grand canvas tent. This isn't camping as most people know it, this site is all about opulence in the wilderness.

Vagabond Dream
photos by: Anastassia Nelson
model: Janina Phyllis Veronika
styling, design & decor: PJ Hummel & Company


over the weekend i got my very first REAL haircut in five years! 6" gone! not that you can tell...

Roslyn Camping

those hot summer days....

these shots are from a few weekends ago when i caravanned out to roslyn washington (northern exposure town!) to go camping with a pile of friends. due to a late start (not leaving seattle until 6ish...) it was dark by the time we made it to the camp sites. our group ended up separating after driving around endless dirt roads due to frustration and hunger. buuuut oooooh well, i think everone had a good time anyway.

selena and i set up her brand new tent at 11:30pm in the dark... it did not go smoothly, but it went! the next day we made cocktails with breakfast (selena's amazing potato hobo butter bags!), and then wondered over to a near by lake. it was super hot outside and the water was beautiful, perfect day to go swimming.... until we dipped our toes in and it was unbearably cold! but after a few "i'll jump in if you jump in" chats, we all ran in... it was awful! but we did it!

on a side note, i've never spent much time in my adult life around roslyn, and might i say it is sooooo cute! super historic and the sweetest houses. population 893 in 2010. :]

braids & berries

recently heidi braids have become one of my go to hair styles. i always thought it would be difficult so i never really tried, but it's simple. today with a red dress and berry crown i felt quite festive, ha.