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oh yes it's true, like everyone else, i'm way more active on instgram...
it's just so easy to post tidbits of everyday life.
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35mm camera dump!

duh it's more 35mm.... my SLR is getting pretty lonely...

some random shots from playing around the past month! :]

hiking sand point

a couple weeks ago dane & i went on our first backpacking trip of the year. from seattle we took a ferry to bainbridge island and headed north to port angeles, and then drove west to one of the farthest northwest points of washington, sand point by lake ozette! last year we hiked cape alava, so this year we did the other side.

the coast of washington is an interesting place these days. the beach is covered in japanese garbage form the 2011 tsunami. it's sad, eerie, but also some of the most interesting garbage i've ever experienced. bottles, shoes, building materials etc...

we also took the time to finally find the Makah petroglyphs etched into giant rocks. pretty neat, also, they look like space men! of course.

square photos are from a 35mm mini diana toy camera, longer photos are from an old 35mm canon camera.

July 4th on a boat

For the 4th of July, I convinced my family to take their boat out (not a hard argument)! They have a 28 foot Owens from the mid '60s that's in awesome shape for an old wood boat, I love how retro it is.

Dane has a new new Diana Mini camera (double-exposures!!), and I brought our cute little Canon 35mm camera to document our day. We had lots of beer, sun, waves, beach, and adventures around falling down abandoned houses. A nice day away from the masses. I'm normally not very into the 4th of July, fireworks make me uneasy... too loud & unsettling, I'm not very American am I?...ha

Square photos are from the Diana, wider ones from our other 35mm camera.