in the middle of it all

Did you know there's an amazing park under the freeway (I-90) near Bellevue? Dane found this place recently and we spent a couple hours on Sunday walking the trails. There's a blueberry farm, abandoned swamp house, wildlife & slugs! We ran out of film early on... but we have a few undocumented areas to go back to! (a spooky photo-opp! also a new camera soon!)

Here we are... messing around in the woods like normal, just trying to avoid blood sucking bug and mud. :)

life's a drag...

This weekend was Pride in Seattle, so it was the perfect time to go see a drag show! And not just any drag show, Sharon Needles!! (any other Dragrace fans?!) We were lucky enough to actually get tickets to the show, so we had to dress up! I was a disco mermaid, Selena was a 60's babe, and Chris was... dressed up! :)

We had a blast and danced our butts off for the beginning of the show... and then I literally got kicked out! Guess I was having TOO much fun... It was awful at the time, never even saw Sharon! But now I guess it's a funny story to look back on, who gets kicked out of a drag show?! Best and worst night ever! Here are a few snap shots from my 35mm and our iphones...

polaroid spectra filters

Recently I've been experimenting with my Polaroid Spectra filters again. I love cheap camera tricks, anything to make the world more whimsical and match the fairy tale in my head. In the past I've only tried these with their original devise... and then on cameras with smaller lenses, assuming they wouldn't work on my SLR, wrong! This morning i played with my filter set for a bit near a window and what a delightful result! I just got this new wide angle lens and they worked beautifully being held in front of it. (As far as the Canon EF 28mm f/2.8 Lens goes, I'm not sure if I would recommend it yet. It's still fairly new in my possession and I'm still figuring it out, I bought it for event photography... day job.)

I did a quick search, and you can still find these neat Spectra Lenses on Ebay!... not as cheap as when i found mine 5 years ago, but way cheaper than a new camera lens! Observe here, here, & here.

February film

These are from back in February, more from my birthday adventure on Vashon Island, only on 35mm film. Forgot about these for a while :)