Sunday, May 13, 2012

kind of dressed like spring

normally i don't pick out white or cream dresses for myself, it seemes a bit much for my hair and fair skin (kind of like why i also don't wear yellow near my face)... but right now i'm really liking this dress. it's mother's day, so i'm hanging out at my parents house - and my old childhood cat (17 years old!) matches me perfectly. :]


skylar meris said...

You do your hair yourself, right? HOW? It's so pretty and white. Mine came out too yellow/gold :/

ana! said...

It's a lot of maintenance, but a fairly simple routine.

First I bleach my roots with Kaleidocolor:,default,pd.html?cm_mmc=iPfeeds-_-GoogleShopping-_-Hairhair_Colorhighlighting-_-SBS-320964

Then tone it with Clairol Demi 10A:,default,pd.html

I process both products with 30 Volume Creme. Sometimes I even use 40 because I have thick Scandinavian hair, but careful if you have fine/delicate hair.,default,pd.html?cgid=Hair05-06

Toning is the important part! It takes the yellow away & leaves your hair brighter. Clairol is using soy based formulas now that are much nicer on your hair too.

ana! said...

hope that's helpful! :]

skylar meris said...

Oohh. Thank you thank you thank you! That is beyond helpful! I'll try this out ASAP :)

Selena said...

So fucking cute!! I am going to get some of these printed and hang them next to my bed and look at you before i fall asleep at night!!

PS. That's creepy!! But whatever!!