sushi on the beach

i only post about going to parks... we're outdoorsy.

this was a couple weeks ago, we hiked down to the beach at Pt. Defiance and ate a bunch of sushi, yum yum. did you know washington has beach lizards? well, we found one! i named him herman, he was quite the showoff.


photo dump... we seem to be photographing a lot of flowers these days.

35mm... like normal... i think my SLR is getting lonely... but there are more film photos coming!

memorial day weekend

For the sunny weekend, we met my family at the Longbranch marina for some beer and boats.

island hopping

over the weekend, dane and i hopped a ferry over to bainbridge island to do some exploring. i love the islands around here, endless beaches and trails to wonder with few people to bother you. we brought some hard cider along with us to a beach... & then were attacked by stinging nettles in the woods, figures! i found this blue scarf at a little boutique on the island too.

more 35mm for ya...

kind of dressed like spring

normally i don't pick out white or cream dresses for myself, it seemes a bit much for my hair and fair skin (kind of like why i also don't wear yellow near my face)... but right now i'm really liking this dress. it's mother's day, so i'm hanging out at my parents house - and my old childhood cat (17 years old!) matches me perfectly. :]

the weekend is near...

sunny weekend ahead = new roll of film to play with...

this shot is one of the sole survivors from an awesome roll that went awry... only three of 36 shots came out, pretty sad.

mimosas on the beach

oh hi. soooooooo..... here are some shots from discovery park in seattle from a few weekends ago. one of the first warm weekends in spring, 70-something degrees! that's pretty warm around here. i think 70-75 is perfect heat for me, when washington hits 80+ it's too hot! that's when my head starts to hurt and my brain feels like mush. by chance i'm traveling to las vegas in june for work... yikes.

also, still doing that instagram thing more than blogging... see here
i'm still working on a happy coexistence between the two... hopefully the blog hiatus will end soon ;]