the ravages of winter

This is the same park as this post, only 6 months later in the middle of winter. The grass growing from the pond was golden and the hills were hazy with rain. This day wasn't particularly "nice," but we were stir crazy inside and wanted some fresh air. Turns out rainy cold days are still beautiful when you're in a gorgeous place.

Recently Dane and I have been playing with a dinky film camera we found at an estate sale for $5. The depth and color in our shots that come from such a basic camera keep us wanting more. Dane now has his eyes on an expensive lomo camera for more film adventures... but until then, I'm content with this little camera.

birthday adventure

This week i celebrated my 22nd birthday with a trip to Vashon Island. There we found ourselves surrounded by water, enchanted woods, and Indian cuisine. Oh, and the best present, a park pass!

sooo fancy fancy

Some friends and I had a conversation a few weeks ago about how we wish we had more places to wear our fancy cocktail dresses and glittery shoes... So we decided to get together and have a Fancy Party! The four of us got all dolled up and drank wine at Jaimie's house. My sister made a crazy Russian checkered cake, and i made spring rolls, fancy fancy! It's was delightful. :]

didn't find the lost city... yet.

This weekend we took advantage of the sun, and set out to find the abandoned city of Bordeaux deep in the Capitol Forest. Unfortunately there was still a lot of snow out there... and a lot of broken tree limbs making obstacle courses. We didn't get far, but we still bushwhacked around in the woods for a while, found some mystery structures, & then went out to the Mima Mounds again.

bar doodles... :]