tonight i've been playing around with a few new play lists for my 8tracks...
so far they're all really moody... guess i'll share soon!

bainbridge island three ways

a couple weekends ago i took a spontaneous trip over to bainbridge island with two of my favorite people. it was a drizzly grey day... but we had fun beach combing & bushwhacking anyway! at one point we were tromping around in the woods talking about zombies, when suddenly we heard a loud screech from rattling bushes! we stopped for a second... (zombie?!?!?) but it turned out to be a blue heron taking off (whom we probably startled first...).

all three of us had a camera this day, so there are three perspectives to show!

First, here are my film shots

These are Selena's shots

& Chris's shots

and the very last bit of summer

finally got some film developed! before i show the new stuff - here are some goodies from summer.

top three photos were shot by miss selena, and the bottom four are from my little camera.

8 tracks.

the time has come. i finally made an 8tracks account.
you can listen to my mixes here ;]
first mix ever is called "what grows" - guess the theme...

what grows from ohanaorsomething on 8tracks Radio.

Vacant Mental Hospital on Halloween

oh yeah, this happened! we toured an old mental hospital on halloween in our long search for a new building to move our warehouse to. yes, it's rumored to be haunted, and yes, there was a morgue! pretty amazing halloween treat!

"Originally built in 1926, the mental hospital has quite the precarious history. Some say the very first experimental lobotomies were performed here, which would have undoubtedly had irrevocable adverse affects on the unfortunate patients that underwent such tentative trials." - from here

before summer was over

gah, i've been terrible about developing my own film... miss selena goodwin took these shots when we had a ladies day out back in september. we took the long walk through discovery park to the beach with some white wine in my thermos. there were cruise ships coming in, three in a row!

eventually i'll get my film developed from this day with more pictures of selena... but for now, here are selena's beautiful shots! (also, check out Bossnoboss!)

so it's fall now

oh yeah hi!

glam camping booth babes?

Okay, I don't like the term "booth babe," but that's what today was. We set up a booth (for work) at a fancy car show and my sister and I tended to it dressed in 1930's vintage. It was fun to look fancy for the day, I don't think I've ever worn such a beautiful dress, pictures don't do it justice. More glam camping magic...