gonna go eat some worms

Reporting from a cute local coffee shop today, Bluebeard, a name that takes me back to my carefree high school film making days. This year has been hard.

Mama wins a big award

Last night my mom received a 2011 Woman of Influence award from The Business Examiner! Her story is quite similar to how my own life is turning out to be. She grew up extremely dyslexic (it runs in the family...) and found her passion in art and design. She built PJ Hummel & Company from the ground up, and now mentors other young entrepreneurs. (like our friend Jaimie of Art of Floral, I designed her website too!)

Family + basically family

My mom and dad :)

The ice sculpture was melting strange jelly goo... Larissa and I were amused...

weekend picnic and animals...

This weekend I house sat for my parents and took care of the kitties. Moe is the last of my childhood pets, he's 15 now - but just as beautiful as ever. And then there's little Charlie... he just turned 1! :)

Also, on Sunday we had a little picnic with Ellie, home-made Vietnamese sandwiches!

blackberry picking!

Today we went blackberry picking and made cobbler and peach blackberry puree cocktails!