Washington summer

Here in Washington, it has only really felt like summer for the past month, we hit 70 degrees! Yeah! Unlike the rest of the US who are suffering from a ridicules heat wave, it been an oddly cold summer over here. And now with one month of the summer season left, I'm bored with it... It's finally hot enough to walk around without a sweater, but I feel like wearing tights and coats again, I really want it to be fall. The way things are looking though - I think the northwest is going to have an indian summer... it will be late October and still warm... :/

Also, now that it's hot outside, my brand new refrigerator has a broken compressor, and is dead! Three months ago i requested a new fridge because the original one in my apartment was super small, and only had an ice box which wasn't cold enough to use for frozen items (no ice cream!!). They sent us a new one, it was too big, a month later they sent us another new one, it was TOO BIG! Then they cut off part of our counter-top, and eventually brought us another new fridge... it fit... and 18 hours later it stopped working! Now the building manger isn't talking to me and all my food is bad... awesome!

On the Radio

A couple weeks ago Dane's friend Andrew invited us to be guests on his Saturday night radio show on Evergreen College's 89.3 KAOS station! We both did sets of some pretty good tracks. At first I was super nervous about talking live on air, but once my face was up to the microphone Andrew started talking and suddenly it felt so natural to chat with him. He's good at what he does. :)

My set was:
Open Rhythms - Bodies of Water
Love Fade - Tamaryn
Somehow to keep it going - Cotton Jones
Summer of Love - The Sandwitches

These are a few shots Dane took :)

sweet new rug dude! oh, thanks man!

New rug!

We went estate sale browsing this weekend and found this awesome new rug for such a deal! $125 for a 8'x11' wool rug! (originally purchased by its first owner for $1000!) So today was movin' day, out with our old gross rug, and in with the new. This ment disassembling our living-room and my bedroom(which is a fancy tent in half of the living room), but all went well.

My sister also made us some yumyum Bloody Marys to prefunk with! Complete with classy cocktail skewers full of pickled onions and cheese. :)

Our living-room!
And my bedroom, sweet rug!

we do like going to the beach...

Another trip to Point Defiance in Tacoma. The tide was low, and fishing boats were everywhere!


Another walk through a delightful park in Olympia. We set out to make a special picture for an old classmate of ours who was just diagnosed with cancer. A Flickr page was set up for all of her friends to submit things to make her smile, so of course we added (last picture in this post). What a pretty park this was! We went later in the day, just before the sun started to set, so not very many other people were around. It was quiet so all the animals came out to say hello!

in chronological order....

We just developed a roll of film this weekend from the past couple weeks, but i also have a tone of photos from this weekend - soooo lots of posts will be coming this week. Dane said i should just do them in chronological order... I'll try!

eddie ♥


toooooday, i ended up finding a new park & beach all by my lonesome, but it was sooooo hot out! 80 degrees!

river island dress

thursday... I think

a quiet sunny morning at home. the office is taking some down time, and i have a four day weekend! nooooow, what to do with myself? my sister (and roommate) is off on a road trip, and i have the whole apartment to myself, maybe it's a good cafe day.