4th of july weekend

I had Friday through Tuesday off this weekend! A well needed break, and the the weather cooperated too! It's been in the upper 70s and 80s this week, so nice! (for now at least... no sunburns yet!) I spent all of this time down in Olympia. We explored more parks, and bought a kiddie pool to drink cold beers in for the 4th of July(no pictures of that... probably for the best, I fell out of it at one point and hurt my knee...ha).

This holiday is one of my least favorites to tell the truth, fireworks make me really uneasy. I hate the big booms that never stop, although - at least it's a season for one form of natural selection! I watched my friend's idiot neighbors pour gasoline into the ground and throw fireworks at it to light it! Ahh so dumb! None of them deserve hands...

Well, these pictures are from another Olympia park. The tide was really low, & we underestimated just how wet our shoes would get... after a while we just had to take them off and walk barefoot (which was so nice, the water was uncommonly warm & delightful).

Oh yeah, and remember I got a flickr?? :]

hat - REI (ha, yeah!) // dress - vintage gunne sax // sandals - jeffrey campbell //
sweater - ooold old old // bracelets - f21 // backpack - baggu

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Selena said...

all of these pictures are looking amazing!! i love the close ups of the crab and that weird jellyfish thing. also, i love how you are writing alot more for your posts! :)