boats & abandoned cabins

Yesterday we drove out to Longbranch Washington to visit my family on their old wooden boat. My mom called me up because they found an old abandoned cabin in the woods the had been left in quite curious shape. Dishes and little toys were still on the shelves, a raccoon skin was hanging from the ceiling beams, and a old wooden ski boat on warped metal tracks was left to rot outside. We think no one had been there since the late 60s or early 70s, which is why it was in especially interesting shape. No one had stolen anything, all the pieces were still there (probably because it was in the middle of nowhere....).

wool hat - asos // batik print dress - thrifted from buffalo exchange // feather earring - etsy

hair knot

tonight i thought of a new hair style, knots! literally... :)
knot a side chunk of hair and bobby-pin it in place, or even do an entire ponytail... hmm choices. despite having long hair, i'm really not very talented in the styling department. i cut and color(bleeeach) it myself (which takes some skill!) but i always feel stumped on how to put it up. guess i like long flowing 70's locks anyway.

alava 41

long lost photo from my cape alava camping trip! another accidental double exposure, neat.

old spaces

I wanted to go to an antique mall I used to go to when I was little, but when we got there it was gone! just a big empty room, kind of disappointing. Also, new hat! I'm a hat lady now!

hat - asos // earrings - f21 // skirt - thrifted

favorite kitty

Happy Sunday! I took this photo of my beloved Charlie this afternoon, he turns a year old next month! We think... hard to say exactly how old he is... His story can be found in this post: "wild kitten," and this post: "wild kitten part 2: he's a keeper." Look how big he is now! ha...

tiny kitchen

Last night we had Sean over for a little dinner party and made Jamaican Tempeh puffs! We all helped out in my tiny tiny kitchen, and our little thingamabobs turned out perfect. Sean also brought over some fancy champagne from his work, mmmhmm.

camping, part 2, coming home

The Ocean! Just past Forks, Washington, you will find big sandy beaches... and grey skies... ha. After living in Washington my whole life, in all honesty - I really don't like "sunny" climates anyway. Too many days of sun in a row makes me feel uneasy :p

Japan is on the other side!

camping! part 1

As mentioned in my previous post, I just went camping! We drove out to the Olympic National Forest and hiked out to Cape Alava, the coast. We saw plenty of wildlife (deer, racoons, snakes, bald eagles etc. etc.), and the weather cooperated the whole time. My pack was bigger than me & i collected a couple blisters (and discovered how well tape works on those blisters), and didn't fall down once! A very successful trip, I was lucky to have Dane who knows way more about outdoorsy things than me, and who has a fancy leatherman tool! We took lots of film pictures, too many to share!

going on a trip!

This weekend I'm breaking out my mom's old teal & purple 90s backpacking pack and taking on the Cape Alava/Sand Point loop in the Olympic National park! I'm so excited, I bought my very own tent and sleeping pad a few days ago (the child size pad was less than half the price of the adult size at REI, I'm only 5'2" so it was a deal!!). I haven't really packed yet, but I've made tons of lists of what I shoooould pack... I'm sure I'll have lots of pictures to share. :)

4th of july weekend

I had Friday through Tuesday off this weekend! A well needed break, and the the weather cooperated too! It's been in the upper 70s and 80s this week, so nice! (for now at least... no sunburns yet!) I spent all of this time down in Olympia. We explored more parks, and bought a kiddie pool to drink cold beers in for the 4th of July(no pictures of that... probably for the best, I fell out of it at one point and hurt my knee...ha).

This holiday is one of my least favorites to tell the truth, fireworks make me really uneasy. I hate the big booms that never stop, although - at least it's a season for one form of natural selection! I watched my friend's idiot neighbors pour gasoline into the ground and throw fireworks at it to light it! Ahh so dumb! None of them deserve hands...

Well, these pictures are from another Olympia park. The tide was really low, & we underestimated just how wet our shoes would get... after a while we just had to take them off and walk barefoot (which was so nice, the water was uncommonly warm & delightful).

Oh yeah, and remember I got a flickr?? :]

hat - REI (ha, yeah!) // dress - vintage gunne sax // sandals - jeffrey campbell //
sweater - ooold old old // bracelets - f21 // backpack - baggu