I found this picture of my grandma while digging around a couple days ago. She was probably 18...maybe 20 when it was taken. I see my dad's face in hers, so crazy. I'm also told that I look a lot like my dad, so i guess i look like her too! the nose??


Yep, got myself a flickr account! I have considered it many times, but it was hard to imagine starting over (since I've had a deviantart profile(no longer in use), and this blog for a couple years). I didn't know where to start and how far to go back... until now. With the arrival of my new camera - so comes a new era to my photography. Time for flickr.

Also, more photos from the weekend, looking for trolls??

Mirya's drawings

My great grandma drew these illustrations when she was in the 8th grade in the 1920s! I'm absolutely in love with them. My mom has kept them safe in a box of old family photos for years, but today I took them out to see daylight.

Sandy Beaches

It's now officially summer, and our hidden Washington beaches are even more precious.

skirt - vintage etsy find

after the show

Photos from this past Wednesday after the SCCA portfolio show...(I think ours was better last year...) Hanging out at Selena & Chris's apartment, my old apartment, a good place to be.

mima mounds

This weekend Dane & I explored to mysterious Mima Mounds of Olympia (Tipped off by a photographer friend). They were awesome, it's a prairie of lumps, and we were the ONLY people there on a pretty sunny day. Apparently not very many people know about them (I certainly didn't before...), but why wouldn't you want to explore giant land lumps??

We brought some lunch, cold beers, my favorite yellow picnic blanket - and stuffed it all into my new BAGGU backpack! Dane just got a BAGGU bag too, they are so versatile & classic looking - the hardest part is picking out what color you want!

dress - free people // black slip - vintage // leggings - target
bracelet - ethnic shop // earrings - etsy // sandals - jeffrey campbell // backpack - baggu

etsy love

I first started exploring Etsy this past October, looking for interesting new jewelry, but oh man... I'm hooked. The vintage market is enormous and wonderful! It's amazing how easy it is to search for extremely specific items & actually find them. These are some of my purchases over the past few months:

Red Paisley Dress; Cream Dress; Vanilla Chai Lip Balm; Brass Wheat Necklace; Chain Feather Earrings;
♥GUNNE SAX Plaid Button Dress♥; Black Lace Strapless Slip; Spring Crown; & this Woven Bracelet

hiding from the sun

Yesterday was super hot (hottest day of the year at that!),
so we hit the beach and found the best hidey-hole under a canopy of trees.