finally mine!

This 1920s print of a fairy girl has always hung in my parent's living-room, I loved it as a child for it's whimsy and charm. My mom got it from her grandmother's estate after she passed away many years ago, she too admired & coveted it as a kid growing up. When I moved out, I asked her if i could have it... but of course she said no - which makes sense because she has such a history with it. Dang...

Well, guess what? I found another framed print of it! I was at Vanity this weekend & saw it on the wall. It wasn't for sale initially - but I asked & the owner agreed to sell it to me! I'm so thrilled to have it join my art collection, it means a lot to me.

The big painting behind me was also in my house when I was little. It used to hang over the fireplace, but was replaced with other paintings and a mirror over the years. I found it in my mom's prop warehouse two years ago in poor shape, & i had to save it! It's another painting I studied as a kid & dreamed about. It appears to be a westernized Turkish battle scene with dead horses and red poppies(my favorite flower). Now it hangs over my bed, sweeeet sweet dreams.

My antique art collection is certainly growing, I'm not sure where I'm going to hang this new print yet :)

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Dane said...

wow, ana! you look great in this photo... yeeesh! cool print, man! :D