charlie baby

Today I was playing with my warehouse kitten in the garden for a bit. Charlie is still the cutest little thing, he's quite the charmer and will melt your heart in seconds doing kitty tricks. I can't believe how big he's getting! Probably about 10 months old, and doesn't look like a baby anymore :[ He also eats half his weight in food everyday, and is little squishy - but in the best and most adorable of ways!

I was going to bring him to my apartment to live, but he's a wild thing and needs the great outdoors to roam... so he lives with my parents! They love him to pieces though, it's a good fit.

Some cellphone pictures!
(he's so hard to photograph because he's all black. most pictures just turn out
as black blobs with wide green eyeballs in the middle, funny - but hard to share!)

sleepy shot from last week :)

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