picnic season

Yesterday was a good day for vegan pizza and a picnic at Greenlake in Seattle, wish it was a little warmer, but good food always makes things better. :)

Burfoot Park, Olympia

today was hot and a good day to drive along endless country roads listening
to folk music, and paying a visit to a park we've never been to before.

dress & bracelet - ethnic shop // earrings - etsy // sandals - jeffrey campbell

thinking beach

More Cannon Beach photos from a couple weeks ago :]

oooooh flowers

I write a lot of wedding decor proposals at work right now, so I always have my eye out for inspiring weddings... and floral. After working with my friend Jaimie and making her site Art Of Floral, it's a big thing on my radar! I look at wedding sites all day & love unique floral ideas - so fun!

Like This

Thriller: A Cruel Picture (1974) = awesome!

I like this music video for Purity Rings "Lofticries" because it sums up this film so well!

Purity Ring- Lofticries from David Dean Burkhart on Vimeo.


Most of my closet consists of thrifty secondhand & vintage finds. I'm cheap(well, more like practical!) and like my clothes to be unique. I think it's important to buy your wardrobe from a large variety of shops as well, never brand yourself with one or two stores - you'll never have your own style!

One area I'm willing to spend some extra $$$ in are my shoes. The older I get, the more quality means to me. I'm done with shoes that only last one season, what a waste of money! These are my current favorites from my closet.... well, the Dulce boot hasn't even arrived yet - they were a Gilt.com impulse buy, but I think they're neat. :)

finally mine!

This 1920s print of a fairy girl has always hung in my parent's living-room, I loved it as a child for it's whimsy and charm. My mom got it from her grandmother's estate after she passed away many years ago, she too admired & coveted it as a kid growing up. When I moved out, I asked her if i could have it... but of course she said no - which makes sense because she has such a history with it. Dang...

Well, guess what? I found another framed print of it! I was at Vanity this weekend & saw it on the wall. It wasn't for sale initially - but I asked & the owner agreed to sell it to me! I'm so thrilled to have it join my art collection, it means a lot to me.

The big painting behind me was also in my house when I was little. It used to hang over the fireplace, but was replaced with other paintings and a mirror over the years. I found it in my mom's prop warehouse two years ago in poor shape, & i had to save it! It's another painting I studied as a kid & dreamed about. It appears to be a westernized Turkish battle scene with dead horses and red poppies(my favorite flower). Now it hangs over my bed, sweeeet sweet dreams.

My antique art collection is certainly growing, I'm not sure where I'm going to hang this new print yet :)

charlie baby

Today I was playing with my warehouse kitten in the garden for a bit. Charlie is still the cutest little thing, he's quite the charmer and will melt your heart in seconds doing kitty tricks. I can't believe how big he's getting! Probably about 10 months old, and doesn't look like a baby anymore :[ He also eats half his weight in food everyday, and is little squishy - but in the best and most adorable of ways!

I was going to bring him to my apartment to live, but he's a wild thing and needs the great outdoors to roam... so he lives with my parents! They love him to pieces though, it's a good fit.

Some cellphone pictures!
(he's so hard to photograph because he's all black. most pictures just turn out
as black blobs with wide green eyeballs in the middle, funny - but hard to share!)

sleepy shot from last week :)