New Site!

Check it out HERE!

I’ve been meaning to redo and add to my design portfolio website for a while now, the motivation just wasn’t hitting me though… until now!

I totally rebuilt it in three afternoons as a gift to myself. I was starting to feel depressed because I haven’t been working on much art lately, haven’t really done much of anything that makes my heart sing in the last couple weeks – so it was about time. No more artistic rut! As the weather starts getting warmer, and the sun starts to visit a bit more – I feel my attitude improving. I love winter, but after a while I always start to feel anxious and fidgety – almost bipolar at times (this was definitely this week!).

True Love Will Find You In The End” by Headless Heroes (an Alela Diane side project!!) was also an inspiration. A sweet uplifting song that can be applied to many things I think.

So there you have it, I got mad about my lack of motivation, so I rebuilt my website!

hi there, still alive

Seen in some more sweet pinhole camera photos by the amazing Christopher L Martin! Also check out the post Selena wrote about his awesome pinhole camera on BossNotBoss. :)

notes on a new year.

this is one of my least photographed seasons for a while, but even so i have been up to many things. i have also come to the conclusion that living by the statement "say yes more" certainly can get you into a lot of trouble.

also, where are all the dead crows 2011??!