island graveyard!

The cabin Sara and Caitlin found on Guemes Island was next to a graveyard! So in the evening, with a few drinks swimming in our tummies, off we went to meet a couple ghosts!


When asked if I would like to come along on an island beach cabin adventure, I had two questions:
1. Do we get to go on a boat?
2. Can we be mermaids?
Upon those answers being yes, my answer was YES!
So off to Guemes we went! :)

↑ This drink leads to my next post... ↑

another happy kitten

Dane decided to adopt one of our warehouse kittens after all!
So last Saturday he stop by and picked up little Eddie Spaghetti. They are pretty much soul mates. If Dane was a cat, he would be like Eddie, & if Eddie was a people, he'd be like Dane.

Here is one of Dane's first portraits of Eddie... :)
there is always a light at end of the tunnel, and i think i'm starting to see it.

New year, New home.

My sister and I worked out butts off last week moving our lives into a shiny new apartment! The goal was to be unpacked and set-up by Friday to host a New Years party! It was intense, but we did it! (3 days!) The place looks great - very cozy, and full of our amazing collections of antiques and oddities :)

Here are a few shots by my friend Greg.
We played the notorious hand-drawn drinking game "Puke-&-Rally"
& drank lots of champagne :)


This year I will try to live by this statement:

Let's say YES more.

I consider the consequences too much, so I really ought to man up
while I'm still young.
We'll see where this takes me... last year Selena and I were always up
to no good anyway haha...

Also, let's have more nights of White Russians disguised in a fast
food soft drink cups. Yeah.

Let's go 2011!