Selena's birthday

All photos via the wonderful Chris Martin!

Yesterday was Selena's 21st birthday! One of her favorite bands also happened to be playing a bar show that night, perfect! Katie made her a yummy cake & funny mini bottle necklace (that was too heavy to wear!). We didn't have any candles for the cake, but Katie found a little Mexican flag... which acted as the candle later... :)

The show was really fun, we all drank a loooooot. Selena met the band, the lead singer's name is also "Chris Martin" - weeeeird. We danced up front for a long time and this morning our hearing was noticeably impaired... Happy Birthday Selena!!

expired round 2!

If you look back to my last post... here is take 2!
Dane got some really awesome shots with this roll... that actually showed up this time after being developed :)
He's almost done with school for this quarter, & I'm also done with the busiest production time of the year at work - sooooo hopefully the two of us will have time to do lots of fun photographed adventures soon! :)

These shots are from hangin' out with friends, sipping on cocktails, & to taking walks at Pt Defiance - all things we love to do!