glitter trees

my mother just purchased a forest of these silver glitter trees for a tradeshow event coming up... 9 feet of joy.

orange lipstick :)

I've been dreaming of Lime Crime's Orange lipstick for over a year now. The only problem was the price... $16 for lipstick?! I'm a simple girl & I'm not really the type to "invest" in makeup, but after a year of not finding a similar color - i went of it! The packaging itself is tooooo cute! Pink with a sparkly unicorn... I like this brand, too bad i don't wear more makeup to buy more from them.

snow lake hike... kind of

earlier this summer, dane and i tried to hike up to the wonderful snow lake, but it was still pretty snowy. reeeeaaally snowy actually, we had to turn back because we weren't quite prepared - and i was probably going to slip/stumble and fall of a cliff :)

jump for dear life


i need a new camera of my own the works and junk.... :(
also, still really into GRIMES


my favorite pick-me-up(aside from candy...) is buying underwear!
i want every pair from strumpet & pink!! dreaming of panties :)

photo from anthropologie

Olympia Brewery!

We payed a visit to the original brewery of Olympia Beer. It was Built in 1896, and is now condemned and covered in no trespassing signs! It was dark, scary, dangerous, and pouring down rain!

Boat Camping

Lazy summer nights out on the water in the pacific northwest :)
my family has an old 1960s wooden boat which is perfect in the summer

Lopez Island!

lost photos from the summer!
is july, dane, amanda, nick & i went on a camping adventure to the beautiful lopez island in the san juans!


my sister(left) & i(right) via 2005! found on madre's work computer
pink hair of the teenage years <3

site design: yuzu nelson

i just designed and built my sister's industrial design portfolio site!
more will be added over time (when she wants to totally finish it with me...), but it's in great showing shape now!

check it out HERE!

summer rocks and grass

more summer pics... i'm trying to catch up...
lopez island in the san juans!


a polaroid from caitlin & chris's wedding

dad, self, daneydoo

bad blogger

okay.... sorry august... life not documented...

okay sooo - i just moved! big changes all around, for better or for worse...

here are some super sweet photos of my last days at the old apartment by the amazing chris martin! check out his site!!