Last Friday, Dane asked me to do something "random and beautiful" - an adventure he had been thinking about for a couple years.

We drove to Stevens Pass at 1:00am (arriving at 3:00am) to hike up a mountain in the dark (!!!) to watch the sun rise at 4:29am!

It was really scary hiking in the dark... but soooooo worth it! We got to the top during twilight - and slowly the sun came up.


And we almost got eaten by a bear on the way back down around 6:00am!!

tempeh tacos!

dane and i went to the park with a tempeh taco picnic! yum, it was perfect.

caitlin and chirs's wedding!

on july 11th, caitlin and chris got married!
it was by far the best wedding i've ever been too :)
there were good friends, good drinks, good music - and a bouncy castle!
more photos on facebook for friends.

also on sunday

a photo via selena's cellphone
i like dane because he likes to dress-up with me :)

4th of july

for the 4th of july, dane, selena, and i wobbled out from our apartment lair to our roof where we discovered a lock device guarded heavily by attack pigeons. in defeat we decided to wonder capitol hill's neighborhoods for a view of the fireworks. we found a spot packed with people, there was glitter, watched about 1/5 of the show, and trekked on home.


summer.... and crow

this week was super busy! this afternoon i'm also heading north to bellingham for caitlin's bachelorette party! wahoo

a wonderfull photo by chris again!
also! a newish dead crow picture from travis! :)

meat bag.

so dane and i took a walk downtown along denny(the street) on sunday. at the bottom of the hill we discovered a large white garbage bag spewing a strange red meat like substance on the side of the road. this has become quite the mystery to us. it looked like medical waste, had blood stuff leaking out, and smelled like barf.... what was it?!?!?!
by chance we also passed a cop about a block away and decided to inform him of the meat bag mess. he was standing outside of tire store, and we notice he was watching another police officer inside who had his gun drawn.... weird moment. but yeah, this cop was just like "ewwww yucky." (no joke) - we knew he wasn't going to do anything about it...
and that is the story of the meat bag.