a really nice film blog: i love hotdogs

I Love Hotdogs - my new discovery. A film blog that posts really nice stills(including titles!!) and reviews of movies that are my taste. I love finding weird old films to Netflix - and this site is amazing, I've gone through every page. They also have plenty of posts on some of my favorites liiiiiike Badlands(1973), Smooth Talk(1985), Switchblade Sisters(1975), Pretty Baby(1978), Foxes(1980), etc.... There are also soooo many cute french films! I wish i had more time to see all the films I'm finding!
When I was in high school I truly felt becoming a cinematographer was my calling in life... Some things have changed but i still love movies, and my life is what i stylize now! :)

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lauren said...

What a cool site! Thanks for the link!