looking like summer

beautiful summer photos by chris from a few days ago when we all headed to discovery park to drink on the beach. we got lost on the trails down to it, and on our way back up... hey abandoned houses!

wilderness photo booth

we organized a photo booth at my graphic design show last week & the photos are finally posted! the props all came came from my mom's event design company, pj hummel and company.
here are some of my favorites from the show, with my family, co-show-designers, and old friends! :)

a better sandal

Anyone who knows me knows I'm not down with gladiator sandals.
They're everywhere two years in a row and i hate them - don't buy into trends! Stores carry knock offs of knock offs of knock offs - and leave no room for classics.

these are what i want!

Chelsea Crew Cobra Flat

Biviel Women's Bv2008 Fisherman Sandal

Frye Women's Vanessa Flat

no more school

i'm done with my graphic design program!
it's pretty bitter sweet though. i'm glad to be done, but i'm really going to miss seeing my classmates/friends everyday. the community we were all part of was such an amazing environment. it's sad to move on, but i'm excited for the future!
first up: find an internship!

classtime photo by ryan ogborn

The show starts today!

The portfolio show I've been working so hard on is finally here!
today 4-8
tomorrow 11-6
Please come if you're around Seattle!

And the whole website is LIVE NOW!
go visit!

This Way of Life (2010)

tonight i am going to see "this way of life" and i am so excited - i want to live like these people!!

my website!!

anastassianelson.com is complete!!!

click the image to see!!

my professional portfolio website to acquire jobs with :]
if you're using a PC or internet explorer - you suck!

beach day and feeling okay

dane and i found ourselves at the beach yesterday with BLUE SKIES(!!!), wine, beer and bunnies.

WWU 2010 Industrial Design Senior Show!

My older sister is graduating from the WWU Industrial design program this month!!!!
Last night was her senior show at Mithun(a pretty cool place) in Seattle.
Here are a few of my snap shots from the event. And see her blog "oh gosh" here!!!
Family photos too! :)

a really nice film blog: i love hotdogs

I Love Hotdogs - my new discovery. A film blog that posts really nice stills(including titles!!) and reviews of movies that are my taste. I love finding weird old films to Netflix - and this site is amazing, I've gone through every page. They also have plenty of posts on some of my favorites liiiiiike Badlands(1973), Smooth Talk(1985), Switchblade Sisters(1975), Pretty Baby(1978), Foxes(1980), etc.... There are also soooo many cute french films! I wish i had more time to see all the films I'm finding!
When I was in high school I truly felt becoming a cinematographer was my calling in life... Some things have changed but i still love movies, and my life is what i stylize now! :)

class time!

at our computers, portfolio show invitation box mess behind us.
these days are numbered :(

Mastering the Wilderness - episode 2!!!

The second episode of Mastering The Wilderness (my school's design portfolio show) is up! Two more are left, watch it now! and go to our site!

Seattle Central Creative Academy: Mastering The Wilderness Episode 2 from Jesse Jaren on Vimeo.

to do before the 14th

two weeks left of school... ahhh
i still need to make my business cards, make my print portfolio, make prints for the show, finish making the show with my team, and finalize my website!

photo of hamilton and i running around my apartment building a few months back by chris martin.