tempeh tacos!

there is a place where all your dreams come true, between the hours of 4 and 6, and it comes from the happy hour menu of Sunlight Cafe.

Tempeh Tacos!

dane and i have have gone three fridays in a row to feast on these.... just thought i'd share our find :]
we tried to make our own at home once... not the same, so we have to keep going back for more!

the best spring day

these are some of my favorite personal shots from working with anne dixon yesterday. i can't wait to see how her shots turned out because ours came out so well! again, these are personal photos from anne dixon's shoot, she is the real photographer - i'll post about her work later. :)


selena, dane, and i modeled for my friend anne dixon yesterday.
we did several shoots throughout the day, this was our safari!
these are personal photo's that dane, selena, and i shot between anne's shots (hers are way more fancy...as she is the professional). we are so excited to see what anne's photo's look like because ours turned out so well! :)

the time selena jumped out the window

this was last weekend.... 
selena and hamilton jumped out of our second story windows and went roof hopping.
dane was licking my eyeballs(it happens all the time)
and the kitchen became a big mess with packing peanuts

photos by chris martin!

more expired polaroid film

this is the 400th post on my blog!
expired spectra film.... most we literally pulled out with tweezers...
all of my cameras are brokenish....

a little bit of spring

pretty sidewalk

sorry for a slow month

i've been so busy with school this month! stress stress stress.
and my camera is acting a little broken. :/ it can't auto focus anymore - which isn't terrible - but a nice feature for quick snap shots :[
soooooo - i'm thinking of possibly buying a new camera in june for graduation! what to get what to get??...


you know when you see a really interesting music video?....

HEALTH "We are Water" from Eric Wareheim on Vimeo.


I can't believe this was two years ago! London, Paris, Rome, and Florance
I want to go back :(

it's my darlin

a couple weeks ago selena, dane, and i were spotted and had our photograph taken for it's my darlin, a capitol hill style blog.

see us here

gavin lee church portfolio

i design a portfolio site for my uncle's artwork this past quarter.
flash madness! action script intensive... glad it's pretty much done :) also, it isn't pink!
here is the before

and here is my version!!!



high five
i just bought anastassianelson.com
i will be decorating it / making my portfolio soon!

x type!!

x-type opens this week!
it the experimental typography show my school annually puts on.
if you're in the seattle/capitol hill area you should totally check it out
this the font i made

class music video...

break is over!
okay this is a little over due on my blog....
soooo a few weeks ago after school some classmates and i participated in a little madana music video session which was beautifully edited together by andrew . unfortunatley not all of our footage worked out(photobooth issues :/ ) but here it is!!

Like a Prayer from Andrew Nedimyer on Vimeo.