together we are SAD

today selena dane and i went on a little outting, fremont, thai food, discovery park....
our initials make S-A-D :)

that dog is funny looking

my parents just adopted a new dog friend from the humane society, so i went home to visit!
we have no idea what kind of dog she is, every body part looks like a different breed. some of her hair is soft and curly, other parts are strait and wiry, but that's why we like her - she's funny looking.
welcome home gracie :]

you can see canada!!

no not really....
we're in bellingham!!!
water view, hanging out with sister and dane

designing a portfolio show....

this just in: my group won!
we have the winning portfolio show design.... we are designing/putting on a giant portfolio show for seattle central creative academy!!!!

welcome to MASTERING THE WILDERNESS, on the trail with SCCA!!!!!

go team! dirty boots danecanteen kaitlinouthouse jesse, and avalanche ana!

this is really big news, this project is going to be a whole class!! a whole quarter long....oh man, big beans....

another photostrip!

it's looooong

sissy spacek

i love young jodie foster films... and i looooove young sissy spacek! badlands is one of my favorite movies!

spring boating!

this past weekend dane and i went out with my family on their boat!
it was my first trip out this year, we toured the water-front of tacoma, then went over to gig harbor and ate dinner at the tides tavern (maui garden burger yum)

i learned how to screen print!

for my first ever screen printing project - i printed dala horses all over antique napkins i found at an estate sale. by the time i was done with those i ended up printing on the vintage apron i brought from home to keep me clean. i like it even better now.
dala horses remind me of one of my favorite childhood books where an elf steals a little girls dala horse and she has to get it back. (a swedish christmas story)

hey pigeon and old pear!

daydream font is done!

my font is done!!!
my original idea was to tie-dye an alphabet... but i ended up just painting the dye onto fabric. pretty isn't it?...
i have named it "daydream" - very appropriate for me i'd say :]

expired film by chris!

Mr. Christopher L Martin was shooting with some expired film the other day, they turned out coooool! these are my favorites of selena and i :)
and i think he has a dirty scanner :)


i really really really love this lookbook for Littledoe! the design, the photos, and the clothing!


kicking a tv off the roof....

soooo uhh, we are kind of addicted to throwing things off our apartment building's roof.
a chain of destructive behavior :
"fixing" my dvd player
throwing a microwave off the roof

and now kicking a tv we found off the roof (alley below)

In The Bowl Identity Package!

this quarter i rebranded a local Thai restaurant for school.
i designed a new logo, their stationary, the menu, their graphic standards manual, and some ephemera(togo box, chop sticks, and magnets!)
so here we are, some final products. the menu was the hardest because there were so many things to put on it and a lot of disclaimer information...
ps - support your local vegetarian food options and don't eat animals!

weekend photos

dane and i found a photo booth and a creepy antique store along a highway. i love love loooove old photo cards of weird looking people from the past.

Oh Ana turned 1!!!!

happy late birthday blog! i just noticed i started this blog march 1st of 2009! it's awesome looking back on all i've done in the past year, here's to one more!

this is when i turned 1!

body art

Amanda Wachob's tattoo's have been floating around the internet lately, and i must say that i am very intrigued and impressed. her abstract work is amazing! so different and refreshing to see.

surviving the wilderness!

last sunday we found ourselves wearing plaid and out in the wilderness!
ps - it's winter right now - and it's really cold outside!!