My new flash assignment is to make a product demo, and after a lot of thought I've landed on the Gazelle Toer Populair 3-Speed! It's a replica of the 1892 classic Dutch bicycle, and it's the only bike endorsed by the Dutch Royal Family. Pretty neat... I really don't know anything about bikes... but I guess I will be learning a few things now!

gorilla vs bear  has been posting about these video teasers lately, and i am officially intrigued. they are beautiful and the music seems interesting so far, so who is it? no one knows yet... the internet is buzzing with guesses like goldfrapp, christina agulara, fever ray - the knife, maybe even lady gaga(yuck) who know who knows...

billie holiday poster

week four of poster making!
this one is for black history month.
i drew billie holiday's name out of a big bag... and went for it!

the quote at the bottom is from "speak low" my favorite billie holiday song.
ps - mr eaves! thanks anne for buying that font! :)

poster week three

This week i was instructed to make a Haiti relief poster for the organization of my choice. I chose the Red Cross for it's iconic "red cross" as a design element. (not because of it's effectiveness in helping Haiti, which isn't the best in comparison to other organizations...)

a full view is a good view, as it has lots of texture

lust for life!

okay youtube day....
i just watched the music video for "lust for life" by girls, and it is perfect. this is currently one of my favorite songs and the music video is exactly what i do when i'm alone listening to it, dance around and sing.

this brings me joy.

these moments

andrew showed me this amazing short film from RadioLab.
It is beautiful and everyone should watch it!


need food to live, live to eat food.

photo via this place

i do not have any tattoos on me yet. i'm sure i would be bored with a tattoo in literally 24 hours. because of that, i do not want any.....

hair modeling

i was asked to hair model a few weeks ago by my friend fabio governato.
i had no idea it was going to be so hard, suddenly i forgot how to move my face and got a bit self conscious. haha oh well - i hope fabio got a few satisfactory photos

market research

has anyone ever handed you one of these at a theater before? after joking around and filling most of these sheets out we crumpled them up and discarded them! michael cera movies are awful. (we went to see youth and revolt because selena likes the books, the movie is bad - don't waste your money on it)

a poster

i'm taking a poster class this quarter.
our first assignment was to make a poster out of this bob dylan quote.
i actually cut out every one of those letters!(the paper is from an old french cook book i got at an estate sale)
it looks cool printed, and the original looks just like this...

you'll like tacoma

hometown : tacoma washington
this poster was in tacoma's daily paper the news tribune a couple years ago. my copy has followed me from home to home ever since. it's my favorite poster by far. the longer you're away from the place you hated growing up, the more you like it.

another portrait

part of a group screen printing project
hopefully it mostly looks like

learning flash!

but i don't really know how to do it yet....
but i made this gay giraffe couple, made them a habitat for them to occupy.
and learned that i say "giraffe" funny.
so there.
now i will learn flash and bring these dudes to life!

matt has a birthday!

today is matt's birthday, but yesterday he had a little gathering at S m i t h on capitol hill (who by the way has officially ripped off the design work of andrew and i!!!!! i will post about the experience later)

moments from the night!

2010 MOTTO!

"let's be more adventurous 2010!" 

photo by andrew nedimyer - camping summer 09

first day of the new year!

yesterday sean, vimala, and i greeted the new year and fought off hang overs to explore seattle's shores!

first we went to alki beach. but that place was really cold and windy so we jumped right back into sean's car.

then we ventured on to fremont where we ate at an amazing indian restaurant, crossed paths with metal people, and almost got pooped on by crows!


2009 was blah, 2008 was better, and 2010 better be the best!
capitol hill gatherings!
i'll let you guys know later what my new motto for 2010 will be(i haven't thought of it yet) - because 2009's "let's be fit 2009!" is over!