Selena's birthday

All photos via the wonderful Chris Martin!

Yesterday was Selena's 21st birthday! One of her favorite bands also happened to be playing a bar show that night, perfect! Katie made her a yummy cake & funny mini bottle necklace (that was too heavy to wear!). We didn't have any candles for the cake, but Katie found a little Mexican flag... which acted as the candle later... :)

The show was really fun, we all drank a loooooot. Selena met the band, the lead singer's name is also "Chris Martin" - weeeeird. We danced up front for a long time and this morning our hearing was noticeably impaired... Happy Birthday Selena!!

expired round 2!

If you look back to my last post... here is take 2!
Dane got some really awesome shots with this roll... that actually showed up this time after being developed :)
He's almost done with school for this quarter, & I'm also done with the busiest production time of the year at work - sooooo hopefully the two of us will have time to do lots of fun photographed adventures soon! :)

These shots are from hangin' out with friends, sipping on cocktails, & to taking walks at Pt Defiance - all things we love to do!

expired film by dane

Dane has become an estate sale junkie with me of late. They are the best place to find antiques and curiosities of every sort. The other day Dane found an old Cannon camera for $5, and 10 rolls of expired film from 1985 for $1! This is the first roll he's tried out! :)

wild kitten part 2: he's a keeper

this little poopy kitten has charmed his way into our hearts!
two weeks ago he was a wild kitten living in a warehouse, and today he is as domestic as they come! truly - he is perfect :) welcome to your new home charlie baby!

wild kittens!

My mother's warehouse has a bit of a kitten problem of late. Mama kitty and her three babies have moved in! We feel bad for them so we started feeding them, and now it's time to catch and save them!

This is Charlie, the most friendly of the kittens, we are currently teaching him how to be domestic and loose his feral tendencies. He will make a good pet for someone :)

ps - hair wreath from Etsy!


This year Dane & I dressed up as the Shangri-la song "Leader of the Pack!"
Dane was the bad-ass greaser boyfriend(fresh from an accident)
Annnnd I was the goody goody girlfriend/prom date with road-burn!
We pulled these costumes out of nowhere and didn't really spend any money :)
Dane wore my dad's old Members Only jacket! And My dress came from an estate sale and was only $1.50! (it was also falling apart because of sun damage - so it was perfectly tattered.)

waaaaant wreath

today i am dreaming of hair wreaths!
do you think you can get away with wearing these on any regular day?

cranberry wreath from whichgoose
flower wreath from garden of whimsy

october beach day!

last week dane and i enjoyed a warmish autumn day at point defiance!
sun, water, booze, and baby seals!!!!!

Another website to add to my portfolio!

check it out HERE!

B&E Northwest Event Show!

For the past month and a half I've been working with my mom's business, PJ Hummel & Company (who i also made a new website for!!). We have been very busy leading up to Seattle's biggest event industry trade show! It finally arrived this past Tuesday! Fabio stopped by to take some shots of our work, winter wonder land!!


this picture inspires me to start curling my hair again!
it takes more time in the morning... but i think it's worth it!

you know...

life is very dramatic isn't it?

glitter trees

my mother just purchased a forest of these silver glitter trees for a tradeshow event coming up... 9 feet of joy.

orange lipstick :)

I've been dreaming of Lime Crime's Orange lipstick for over a year now. The only problem was the price... $16 for lipstick?! I'm a simple girl & I'm not really the type to "invest" in makeup, but after a year of not finding a similar color - i went of it! The packaging itself is tooooo cute! Pink with a sparkly unicorn... I like this brand, too bad i don't wear more makeup to buy more from them.